Lowongan Programmer Pena Media Creativindo - Surabaya (Exp: Maret 2012)

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• Have a pretty high IQ
• live and breathe to code website, application, android, and security.
• build systems that scale to millions of users
• love to tweak code/configuration files to get optimal performance — less machines the better
• don’t mind working start-up hours
• code in whatever language is required to get the job done, you can go up and down the stack
• work with others to solve problems
• enjoy wearing multiple hats in a small team environment
• are willing to commute to PMC’s office in the Lidah Wisata Mas Surabaya

• Write code and solve problems across PMC’s platform and infrastructure
• Work to define/build out multiple infrastructures for a variety of upcoming PMC projects
• Define and build high-performance, high-availability infrastructure
• Solve complex geospatial problems
• Optimize and troubleshoot complex distributed systems

• You have and bring your own setup (computer/monitor/etc) to the office
• Experience with production development and deployment of HTML 5, CSS3, Java, Python, Ruby, or PHP
• Experience with SQL, MySQL, and NoSQL database solutions
• Bachelor (S1) in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

• xBox 360 with Kinect (Real xBox Live ), play it when you need it, no defined schedule
• You’ll be employee with real equity for each project you code
• Monthly allowance for gasoline and internet
• Jamsostek and Health Insurance
• Free book, food, and music!!

The application
• Please include a CV with references
• Email your application to adhika@pmccopywriting.com and address it to Adhika.
• Have questions? Please email the same address.

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